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In Ebenezer, understanding our customers' need of reliable and affordable equipment, we provide only machinery of the highest quality. Striving for excellence, we provide good after-sales services such as training on use and maintenance of the equipment for our customers.

Bravilor Coffee Machine

CBC Coffee Machine

Cold Drink Dispenser

Cunill Grinder

Jura Coffee Machine


Tabletop Vending Machine


Saeco Idea Cappuccino

Idea Cappuccino comes with an integrated professional cappuccinatore - coffee and milk or milk froth are dispensed at the same time. This clever feature draws milk directly from its container and turns it into creamy froth for up to 4 selectable milk-based specialties. Effective and handy: the cappuccinatore cleans itself after every preparation. Equipped with a double boiler (for coffee and hot water/ steam) and three water circuits Idea Cappuccino offers simultaneous dispensing of coffee, hot water and steam. With the HORECA kit, a simplified keypad, Idea Cappuccino can easily be used as a self-service machine.

Saeco Phedra

The semi-automatic table-top vending machine Phedra dispenses up to 8 different products. Thanks to its versatility Saeco Phedra is the perfect choice for small size premises, offices and Ho.Re.Ca. applications.

Saeco Aulika

Aulika is a professional automatic machine designed for the Office market, and is the expression of the high quality of Saeco technology.

It is equipped with a brewing unit with preinfusion and electronic regulation of coffee in the cup.

It is also equipped with the “one-touch milk” dispenser function, which is compatible with the office requirements, and with a hot water wand.

Aulika is operated through a direct selection keypad, with an easily read display.

Aulika can work both autonomously or in water net connection version.

Main characteristics

• High capacity containers for professional use

• 8 selection keys with direct selection of 5 types of drinks

• Simple, intuitive display

• “One Touch” function to prepare a cappuccino and/or latte with a single touch

• Hot water wand

• Water filter installation and possibility to set the water hardness value

• Mechanical regulation of grinding blades

• Stainless steel front and upper panels

The machine is supplied with an autonomous 4-litre tank and a grounds drawer that has a capacity of up to 40 coffee cakes.

Saeco HD8930/01 Royal

The new Philips Saeco Royal is the rejuvenation of a trusted classic. What remains
unchanged is the extremely solid performance and the generous tanks for beans, water
and coffee grounds.

Easy to use

• Cup warmer

• Ergonomic in day-by-day operations

• Insulated milk container

• One touch beverage selection

Easy to clean and maintain

• Automatic cleaning and de-scaling

• Dishwasher safe Cappuccinatore

• Easy cleaning stainless steel milk container

Coffee specialty customization

• Adjustable coffee lenghth and intensity

High performance all day long

• Large capacity containers

• Double boiler for instant steam

Saeco Exprelia

The Exprelia is always ready to serve your favorite coffee specialty. What ever you'd like, it's done with a touch of a button, thanks to immediate beverage selection interface - and instantly prepared thanks to the machine's double boiler.

Always ready

• Double boiler for instant steam

• Integrated automatic milk function

Bean- to-cup customization

• SBS: patented adjustable espresso crema and body structure

• Full bean-to-cup customization

Easy to use

• Immediate beverage selection

• Ergonomic in day-by-day operations

Easy to clean and maintain

• Automatic cleaning and de-scaling

• Frontal access to removable brewing group