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In Ebenezer, understanding our customers' need of reliable and affordable equipment, we provide only machinery of the highest quality. Striving for excellence, we provide good after-sales services such as training on use and maintenance of the equipment for our customers.

Bravilor Coffee Machine

CBC Coffee Machine

Cold Drink Dispenser

Cunill Grinder

Jura Coffee Machine


Tabletop Vending Machine

Bravilor Novo

Model: NOVO 2

Dimensions: 205 x 340 x 430mm

Holding Capacity : 1 decanter / 12 cups

Throughput per hour: Approx. 18 hours

Brewing time(1 decanter): Approx. 5 mins

Rated power: 230V / 2115W

The Novo brews coffee into a glass decanter and has two self-regulating hot plates that re-adjust the temperature according to the amount of coffee in the decanter.

Bravilor ISO

Model: ISO

Dimensions: 205 x 340 x 505mm

Holding Capacity : 1.9litres

Throughput per hour: Approx. 18 hours

Brewing time(1.9litres): Approx. 8 mins

Rated power: 30V / 2080W

The Iso brews coffee directly into a thermos flask so you can enjoy freshly brewed coffee anytime and anywhere, right down to the last cup.

Bravilor B 5HW

The B HW-series comprises three models: 5, 10 and 20 litres. Each model can make as much coffee as you like within its own capacity. The B HW-series features a separate tap for hot water. In addition, both series can be wall-mounted and are also available as a single model with one container and one brewing column. Therefore models can be built to meet your own requirements. Upon request models specifically for marine use are available.