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Ebenezer offers a variety of products, ranging from roasted gourmet coffee beans, gourmet and traditional coffee powder, Ceylon tea dust to 3-in-1 instant beverages. Only ingredients of the highest quality are used in our products to guarantee satisfaction. As the distributor for the leading beverage brand of Lipton products, our client reach extends to food courts, coffee shops, cafes, as well as other eating establishments.
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Baristo 100% Premium Roasted Coffee Beans:

Once the exclusive preserve of gourmet coffee, we pioneered the use of the high tech hot air roasting system in Singapore to offer gourmet quality coffee at an affordable price tag.

Boasting four types of premium roasted coffee beans; 'Premio', 'Gusto', 'Netto' and 'Ricco' exemplify the rich heritage of Italian coffee culture that our traditional coffee clientele can now savor.
Baristo 100% Roasted Coffee Beans Blending:

Premio 100% Arabica - A blend of Latin America coffees, med - full bodied with satisfying walnut flavours, great depth of nutty complexity and subtle cocoa notes. Caramelly sweet aroma with gentle tangy brightness. A dense cup known for the great balance, medium in acidity with clean finish.

Excellent for nut lovers.

Netto 100% coffee with blending of selected Arabica & Robusta - Deep aroma of fruit and wine, bright and refreshing first impression with mellow balance, ends with winey refine spice tflavours. Revitalizing lively cup, subtle balance of body and acidity.

Ideal for fruit and wine devotees.

Ricco 100% coffee with blending of both Arabica & Robusta - Earthy aroma, smooth full concentrated body, virtually no acidity, an intense cup with slight smokiness that ends with herbal cocoa notes. Dense Italian-style Asia Pacific blend to produce highly priced crema.

Gusto - Specially customized to tailor for an exclusive signature blend, a made to order coffee for a unique flavour, or otherwise to work within a specifically given budget to balance the financial costing.

Feel free to contact us for a customized blend.